Bromley High School


Interactive Technologies, Audio Systems, Lighting Systems





Bromley High Schools new building included an IT room where the teacher wanted multiple screens for interactivity.

IAG Technology were also tasked with including projection in the Drama Studio, which would have maximum impact with Audio and Lighting.


Interactive screens 

IAG designed a system comprising of a main 65” Optoma Interactive Screen, along with two 50” monitors at the end of each student desk area.

From the simple to use Touch Panel, programmed by IAG, the teacher can select between different sources on different screen with ease.

Other rooms had Optoma 65” Interactive screens installed, along with screens for reception and library use.


Projection, Audio and Lighting

The Drama studio had a large Epson projector, projecting direct onto the white wall, along with powerful sound and lighting options, again all controlled from a simple touch interface.

Optoma Premium Interactive Flat Panel

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