Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Great Audio and
Visual Technology Matters

We supply, install and support Projectors, Video Walls, Interactive Screens and Audio Systems across a number of different industries. If you can’t see what’s going on in a presentation or lesson it can irritating, and if you can’t hear what’s going on then all meaning is lost.

Visual Display Supply

Have you spent hours and hours on a presentation to have all the images be dull, misaligned and fuzzy?

You need robust, high resolution equipment that’s easy to use and flexible in operation. We have our qualified engineers, who can not only fit the equipment but also service and maintain it to ensure longevity of use.

We ensure bright projector images that are perfectly aligned and
calibrated. These show crisp text display and sharp moving

• Offices
• Classrooms
• Lecture Theatres
• Boardrooms
• Outdoor cinemas
• Outdoor projection

Interactive Technology

Collaboration is one of our core values and we want to extend that to our clients to utilise in their presentations and lessons.

We install interactive boards to encourage feedback, so your viewers aren’t passively observing what you are writing or drawing. Consumption isn’t the only way to absorb ideas, viewers want to contribute. We have the latest tablet technology that means a viewer can work independently to then share with their class or colleagues.

Our experience in installing and supporting interactive technologies such as interactive boards and interactive tablets is extensive. We know these technologies and how to use them effectively for our client’s end goal. 

Presentations are no longer limited by technology, just by your imagination!

Audio Supply

Great AV needs a great sound system!
Whether you’re teaching, presenting, announcing or entertaining you need clear crisp sound of the highest quality that is simple to operate and easy to control.

Internet audio plays an increasingly important part in classrooms and boardrooms. In larger environments like schools halls or theatres, people need to be either be heard or focus on what is being said.

Our highly qualified engineers know exactly what “good” sounds like and how to achieve it in any environment. Using the correct, attractive components and carefully routed cabling, we ensure that your audio gets heard but not seen.

Don’t see exactly what you envisioned here?

Don’t worry, Innovation is one of our core values!

Call us for a free evaluation and we can discuss what you need in terms of specialist projection equipment.


We understand that every school is different, so their Audio-Visual, CCTV and Access Control services should be tailored to their needs.


IAG Technology can help elevate your presentations and increase engage with your audience with our high-definition Audio-Visual equipment.


Accurate and attainable presenting to colleagues and patients is imperative in healthcare. Let us guide you on how to elevate your case presenting.

Audio-Visual Supply

We supply, install and support Projectors, TVs and Video Systems across a number of different industries. If you can’t see what’s going on in a presentation or lesson it can irritating, and if you can’t hear what’s going on then all meaning is lost.

Access Control & CCTV

Security is vital to your establishment.

It protects your reputation, your colleagues, your clients or your students as well as your information and your property.

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