AV Mounting and Furniture

Innovative ways to display your AV

Integrating your AV and IT

IAG Technology understand that great Audio-Visual isn’t just about the right technologies but also the way they are displayed. We can offer a variety of different solutions to suit your business and environment.


One of our most popular AV mounting items are the trolley solutions we offer through our partners Loxit. 

These trolleys can be in a fixed position or more maneuverable in either height or position. We offer those that move electronically or manually to ease presentations and allow for more collaboration. 

Loxit also offer touch screen table mounts which take interactive screens to the next level. They can electronically raise, lower and rotate the screen transforming it from a touch screen table into an interactive easel
and onwards into the vertical position as a ‘standard’ presentation stand.

We offer mobile solutions for Video Conferencing that can be wheeled into position and raised to the perfect height at a board table, in an office for ad-hoc VC meeting or shared between rooms. When not in use, the mobile solution may be moved out of the way and stored


Wall Mounts

The world around us is a rich mixture of sight and sound, there’s interactivity everywhere between objects, places and people. We believe the most important part of any screen installation is understanding its environment, enabling all users full access, to interact with the screen. We believe that this is as important as the on-screen information.

The environment dictates the installation and our role is to offer the best solution.

Video walls are incredibly versatile, with applications across all sizes from a couple of recessed panels right through to multi screen, large scale installations. Our system makes it easy to install, maintain and use any size and configuration of screens accommodating screen sizes from 50 to 55”.

Audio Visual Furniture

IAG Technology offer a number of huddle desks, electrical height adjustable desks and lecterns along with custom furniture designs. These come in a variety of different shapes and finishes, with different technology and AV inputs depending on the configuration you desire.

Our huddle desks can sit up to 7 people, offering fixed or electronically adjusting screen height. These are great for collaborative work environments, break-out areas and school classrooms. IAG Technology installed these for a school so students could all view items under a microscope together. 

Lecterns are great for presentations keeping your technology safe, secure and aesthetically tidy. These come with a microphone option too for those larger spaces.

Optimal work environments are ever changing and the Loxit adjustable height desk is a great example. Offering a standing and seated option, it allows people to stay engaged. 

Don’t see exactly what you envisioned here?

Don’t worry, Innovation is one of our core values!

Call us for a free evaluation and we can discuss what you need in terms of specialist projection equipment.


We understand that every school is different, so their Audio-Visual, CCTV and Access Control services should be tailored to their needs.


IAG Technology can help elevate your presentations and increase engage with your audience with our high-definition Audio-Visual equipment.


Accurate and attainable presenting to colleagues and patients is imperative in healthcare. Let us guide you on how to elevate your case presenting.

Audio-Visual Supply

We supply, install and support Projectors, TVs and Video Systems across a number of different industries. If you can’t see what’s going on in a presentation or lesson it can irritating, and if you can’t hear what’s going on then all meaning is lost.

Access Control & CCTV

Security is vital to your establishment.

It protects your reputation, your colleagues, your clients or your students as well as your information and your property.

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