CCTV & Access Control

Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Vital Security

Security is vital to your establishment not only protecting your property, but also your reputation, your colleagues, your clients or your students as well as your information.


CCTV now is much more than just a camera pointing at an area to reduce crime, the focus is now on prevention. Just having a working camera can deter intruders or vandals.

We protect your business inside and out, monitoring those around your building, or those entering. These measures can be detection only, thermal or those that cancel out ambient movement, such as passing cars.

IAG Technology install innovative security CCTV cameras and NVR units, whilst also providing continual maintenance of these for our clients. Our experienced team are able to advise on the most appropriate CCTV camera solutions, working to your budget and requirements.

Access Control

Access control systems can allow access to particular areas of a building to only those authorised. These systems can be wireless, or hard-wired, to protect separate offices, floors, classes or rooms with sensitive information.

In practical terms, Access Control working within education facilities protects students from entering areas where they shouldn’t be, as well as helping track who is in different areas of the building.

In commercial buildings it protects separate office spaces and floors, and in today’s climate it can track how many people are in a particular area to maintain social distancing.

Industry Specific

Our experienced team and qualified engineers can advise on the correct systems for your premises’ activities.

  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Prison Services


Don’t see exactly what you envisioned here?

Don’t worry, Innovation is one of our core values!

Call us for a free evaluation and we can discuss what you need in terms of specialist projection equipment.


We understand that every school is different, so their Audio-Visual, CCTV and Access Control services should be tailored to their needs.


IAG Technology can help elevate your presentations and increase engage with your audience with our high-definition Audio-Visual equipment.


Accurate and attainable presenting to colleagues and patients is imperative in healthcare. Let us guide you on how to elevate your case presenting.

Audio-Visual Supply

We supply, install and support Projectors, TVs and Video Systems across a number of different industries. If you can’t see what’s going on in a presentation or lesson it can irritating, and if you can’t hear what’s going on then all meaning is lost.

Access Control & CCTV

Security is vital to your establishment.

It protects your reputation, your colleagues, your clients or your students as well as your information and your property.

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