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Educational Services

Every school is different so every school needs Audio-Visual, CCTV and Access Control support services that are totally tailored to their needs. Some schools have great on-site audio visual and IT management capability but many primary schools and schools with different priorities, challenges and budgets need help when it comes to planning and managing their IT and AV Systems.

School Hall Audio-Visual

The school hall is the heart of a school – a multi-purpose space for assemblies, musical performances, parent meetings, after school cinema clubs, presentations and even teaching and learning opportunities. Great audio visual technology can absolutely transform it.

Lighting must also be considered. Discrete lighting systems may also be needed to create the perfect ambience, whether for school-wide presentations, overflow lessons, sports or creative activities.

Great video always demands great audio and filling large spaces with clear, distortion free sound is just as challenging as a setting up a 6m projector screen. Typical audio devices include microphones, amplifiers, ceiling or wall-mounted speakers, sub-woofers and furniture to safely house them. We can also create custom lecterns with built-in microphones and confidence screens that are easy to use, allowing you to communicate without distraction.

You can also control the whole Audio-Visual system from anywhere in the hall, using a wireless tablet for maximum flexibility.

Abbey View Primary School Case Study

Interactive Technology

Collaboration is one of our core values and we want to extend that to our clients to utilise in their presentations and lessons.

We install interactive boards to encourage feedback, so your students aren’t passively observing what you are writing or drawing. Consumption isn’t the only way to absorb ideas, young minds want to contribute. We have the latest tablet technology that means your students can work independently to then share with the class.

Our experience in installing and supporting interactive technologies such as interactive boards and interactive tablets is extensive.

We also supply the latest in projector technology, including ultra-short throw with touch technologies.

Lesson plans are no longer limited by technology, just by your imagination!

CCTV and Access Control

School security and student safeguarding are Ofsted priorities with school lockdowns being a reality of modern life.

We build state of the art access control, digital signage, CCTV and IT monitoring systems from tried and trusted companies to ensure children, co-workers, visitors, property and information are protected the best they can be at all times in schools, universities, offices and public buildings.

 Don’t see exactly what you envisioned here?

Don’t worry, Innovation is one of our core values!

Call us for a free evaluation and we can discuss what you need in terms of specialist equipment for your education institution.


We understand that every school is different, so their Audio-Visual, CCTV and Access Control services should be tailored to their needs.


IAG Technology can help elevate your presentations and increase engage with your audience with our high-definition Audio-Visual equipment.


Accurate and attainable presenting to colleagues and patients is imperative in healthcare. Let us guide you on how to elevate your case presenting.

Audio-Visual Supply

We supply, install and support Projectors, TVs and Video Systems across a number of different industries. If you can’t see what’s going on in a presentation or lesson it can irritating, and if you can’t hear what’s going on then all meaning is lost.

Access Control & CCTV

Security is vital to your establishment.

It protects your reputation, your colleagues, your clients or your students as well as your information and your property.

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