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Working with our clients within HMS Prison Service we created a product to protect gates from being left unlocked.

The IAG GateAlert provides an audible warning when the gate is left unlocked. 


IAG GateAlert – Sounder Version


The IAG GateAlert is designed to remind users to lock the gate after use, by monitoring the actual lock bolt not the gate position.

Options for a short beep followed by an alerting tone provides discreet reminder to lock the gate. Variable timer provides adjustment from 5 second to 50 seconds.


IAG GateAlert – Speech Version

The initial Sounder based IAG GateAlert has been developed to play recorded messages. Up to three messages can be stored with escalating urgency.

The messages can be recorded by the Prison and programmed by IAG Technology into the unit, providing a custom solution for each environment.




IAG Technology can install CCTV for the in HMP environments, with secure cabling and high quality equipment.

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